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In 2020 as we entered the first lockdown, a local care home in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire were looking for ways to alleviate some of the isolation and loneliness faced by its many residents who were unable to meet their family and friends. The Care Home and Founder of Give…A Few Words Sharron Wilkinson came up with the idea of a letter writing project. 

This project, which was initially supported by One Community, the Net Foundation, FOCAL and Locala. and hundreds of amazing volunteers.  The idea spread wider and the response has been phenomenal. 

The idea of words/letters being shared with others to help reduce feelings of isolation just seemed right at this present time (and really, who doesn’t love a letter landing on their doorstep)?


Our volunteer letter writers are from all over the UK, some from Europe, Mexico, India, the United States and Australia. Some have found the joys of letter writing for the first time, others seasoned writers.  All have volunteered to put pen to paper, keyboard to monitor and have shared their love of animals, travelling, books, the great outdoors, musicals, sport, art, cooking…and many other things. 

Give… A Few Words CIC came to be in March 2021, due to the grateful support from Locala CIC (which is all about community). Not forgetting the incredible support from many many others who have given kindness and time for free.

Give…A Few Words CIC (Community Interest Company) is a Social Enterprise which aims to provide social benefit to people feeling socially isolated and those wishing to improve social connections across our community. 

Give…A Few Words are delighted to announce that they have been kindly suppored by the National Lottery Awards for All fund to support their core work from April 2024- March 2025.

They have lots of exciting plans in the pipeline, so if you wish to join them on their journey of reducing social isolation and improving social connections, please keep reading. 


“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we will not forget you. You will always be in our hearts”

Care Home to volunteer letter writers

So from me to you, thanks for taking the time out to visit this page and I really hope you will would like to join me and many others by getting involved and see how a few words can make a huge difference to many people’s lives. 

Happy writing!

Sharron Wilkinson x


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