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Letter writers

Thanks for visiting this page, please note that we are full for volunteer letter writers at the moment. Please follow our socials for further updates. Thank you.

Letter writers are people like you, reading this! 

You don’t need a qualification and you can be any age. You can type on a computer or you could go retro and write a good old fashioned letter.  If you have never written one, give it a try, there is something quite special about putting pen to paper. 

All letters are checked by the Give… A Few Words volunteer team and sent to the organisation receiving your letters about 4-5 weeks after receiving them.  People normally receive a “Gift of letters” with 3-4 letters from different volunteers. 

Some people have asked about being a penpal, but due to safeguarding and so that we can reach as many isolated people as possible, we have set this up as a “one off positive/uplifting” letter writing scheme.. Recipients can write back to thank their letter writer (if they can and wish to, but not all are in a position to do so). Be assured, your words and art are really appreciated by all who receive them though.  

If you wish to read a fantastic article about what it is like to write to someone you don’t know, take a look at this brilliant blog post “The Power of a Simple Letter,” by the super talented Juliet Thomas of The Curious Creative Club The power of a simple letter (thecuriouscreativeclub.co.uk)

“The idea of people looking out for each other in the community is really important to us.  Writing letters is a great way to connect and remind each other that we’re not alone”

Vicky, Clem’s Garden

What happens next?

If you wish to write a letter, please complete the registration form below. After we receive this, we will drop you an email with a person’s name and let you know a little bit about their interests.  If you don’t have the same interests, don’t worry, you can write about what you have been doing or could always do some research if you fancy (you never know, you may learn something new in the process!). 

Feel free to be creative ……but words are just perfect!

Once received, our team of volunteers check all letters/emails and we send them out after a few weeks to the organisation.

Letter writing registration form (we are writing again from the end of January 2024)

If under 16 please tick to confirm that you have parental/guardian consent for your letter writing